India -Taiwan Conference 2013
1 Ashok _Mathur_Relevance and possibility of Earthquake Early Warning System in India View
2 BR ARORA_Why we often fail to see earthquake precursors View
3 Chan_ Near-real time earthquake for Ashok _Mathur_Relevance and possibility of Earthquake Early Warning System in India.pdf e casting and short-term earthquake View
4 Dimri_A Fractal Approach to Understand the Tectonic Behaviour of Doon Valley, Himalaya View
5 H KUO-CHEN_Earthquake precursors observed from long-term radon measurements in eastern Taiwan View
6 Himanshu_Indian Strong Motion Instrumentation Network View
7 Hsiao_2013_Naigi_TaiIn_Seismic network and monitoring in Taiwan View
8 mls_Seismic hazard in North West Himalaya – A review View
9 MLS_Seismological Network Around Tehri Region View
10 Ravi_S_Jakka_Influence of locate site conditions View
11 RKANDA_Using Persistent Rupture Asperities in Northern Japan to Infer Megathrust Frictional Properties View
12 RS Dattatrayam_National seismological network View
13 SKN_Layered Seismogenic Source zones of Darjeeling-Sikkim Himalaya View
14 SKNATH_Probabilistic Seismic Hazard, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment of Darjeeling – Sikkim Himalaya View
15 TaYi-CHEN_Apply low-cost acceleration sensors to the Earthquake Early Warning Systems in Taiwan View
16 Ting_Li_Lin_Earthquake Early Warning in Taiwan View